Ankle Replacement

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At Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic, we are devoted to offering you the best and latest options for care to keep Alaska strong.

Our fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Rabun Fox, offers a leading-edge option for patients with arthritis of the ankle joint. Ankle arthritis can be a debilitating issue. It can result from prior trauma, systemic conditions, or simply primary osteoarthritis from years of wear and tear. For the people here in Alaska, this can limit the ability to enjoy all the activities we love in this state. 

Nonsurgical remedies are the first line of treatment for severe ankle arthritis, but oftentimes, the options do not yield complete relief of arthritic pain. Surgical options for end-stage arthritis of the ankle may be either a fusion or replacement. Ankle fusions result in a fixed ankle joint, preventing motion through the arthritic area. 

Ankle replacement surgery consists of removal of the arthritic portions of the joint and replacement with metal and a plastic (polyethylene) insert. Ankle fusion remains the best option for some patients based on a number of factors. In the appropriately selected patients, the replacement option results in excellent outcomes, allowing patients to keep motion at their ankle and walk with a more normal stride. 

Dr. Fox has received extensive and unparalleled training in ankle replacement surgery under the leaders in the field and those who have designed the current implants. As part of his dedication to keeping Alaska healthy and active, he provides expert, comprehensive treatment plans with ankle replacement surgery for patients who meet certain criteria.

To see if you are a candidate for ankle replacement surgery, call 907.563.3145 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fox or request an appointment online.