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"Breaking both of my wrists on a cold winter holiday weekend found me beginning my year by meeting Dr. Mentzer on a Sunday night. During a brief meeting in the emergency room, he told me what he needed to do and what I could expect and worked through the night to surgically repair both of them. I can't say enough about the courtesy, professionalism, and care I received from the entire staff at AFOC, from the initial meeting and mad skills of my doctor to the friendly and comfortable treatment all the way through my ordeal. From the front desk to physical therapy to final billing, they made what was a traumatic injury and major disruption in my life easier to navigate and got me back to doing what I love. As a writer, photographer and artist, my hands are an essential tool, and I have the greatest respect for Dr. Mentzer, who to my mind is an artist in his own right." – Don N.  

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