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"From the very 1st visit to determine what possible actions and steps to take moving forward, through surgery, post surgery, countless PT visits. the care has been exceptional. I got the very best care and very thoughtful attention to my needs and all my questions. The focus on my wellbeing and even mental state along the way clearly made for more comfortable days working through the healing and therapy. 

Dr. Lapkass is the very best at communicating all the risks and rewards. He works very closely with the physical therapy staff to insure every action, every step, every outcome is without surprise. Your confidence in the team grows every visit. 

From the front desk staffs on all three floors, the doctor, the PA, therapy staff, surgical staff, to include the woman who delivers the laundry every day to the therapy area. everyone contributes to your health and wellbeing. Sincere smiles and eye contact and genuine concern every visit by everyone you come in contact with. All this to say "I matter" and everyone shows it." - Garry E

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