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"Our experience with you all was a great one. I went in for two knee replacements. Dr. Prevost talked with our insurance company personally. They did not want to pay for them. He talked with them and shared why I needed them. They agreed to pay for my left knee only and an injection for my right one. My left knee was the worst. I have had my two week and six week visits and was very pleased with Dr. Prevost's assistant and the P.A., Alana Hindrikson. They looked after me after the surgery and continue to do so. My three month appointment with Dr. Prevost is at the end of April. In our experience we have never had a doctor call the insurance company and fight for their patient. We appreciate what Dr. Prevost did for us. I have and will continue to recommend Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic to everyone. Thank you for your service." - Dave and Debbie M.

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