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"In November 2014 I was involved in an pedestrian/auto accident that left me with a pelvis fractured in 3 places.  
Dr. Thomas made his initial visit to me in the hospital and brought with him an air of calm, but focused interest even though he saw me right after having worked through the night in emergency surgery.  The attending nurses all assured me that he was the best and that he provided excellent patient care and I have to concur with their assessment.
My early outpatient appointments were conducted with Kristin J. Fredley, P.A.-C.  She provided very comprehensive care coupled with detailed answers to all of my questions and sprinkled with a big dose of compassion and true interest in me as a person rather than simply another patient.  She took the time to celebrate with me the successes I was having, to help mitigate the fears and questions I was having about the progress I was not making and to collaborate with my offsite physical therapist.  Her support and genuine care was an amazing support to me in some pretty challenging times.  I was really quite sad to transition out of her care.
When Dr. Thomas took over my direct care, he always took the time to answer all the questions I had and to provide me with answers to questions I didn't even know I had.  He has such a calm, yet interested demeanor and was always attentive to all my requests or needs.  I really appreciated his gentle yet honest answers and trusted every suggestion he made.  I felt seen, heard and honored as a person in the midst of a significant life transition.  He took the time to be with me in conversation and at times in silence as I processed what he was telling me.  
I had nothing but absolutely positive experiences with everyone at AFOC." – Lisa S.

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