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"I'm an active year-round cyclist and skier, and have survived a couple of decades of daily Alaskan adventures with only minor bumps and bruises. Unfortunately, this year's ice and a moment of inattention got the better of me, and I suffered a badly broken collar bone in a fat bike crash. Dr. Prevost saw me on the day of my crash and was able to work me into his surgical schedule the next day, and did a good job of installing a plate and screws to hold all the pieces together. My shoulder felt a lot better after the surgery and I was off of the pain meds in just a few days, and my recovery is progressing very well. I'm not yet cleared to be back on the bike, but am looking forward to a full recovery and being back on the bike this spring. I appreciate the good care that Dr. Prevost and your staff have provided." – Scott D. 

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