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"I used the walk-in clinic and was pleasantly greeted by your front office staff. The woman assisting me was in training but was efficient and, when she needed assistance she got it from another worker at the counter and it went very smoothly.
I was escorted back to the waiting area where I waited about a minute before I was taken to an examining room where I related my problem and then was taken to the X-ray department where I found the X-ray technician to be as friendly, efficient and competent as the rest of your staff.
Back in the examining
room I waited about five minutes for the PA to arrive.
He listened to my explanation of my problem and then explained what was wrong through
display of the X-rays and his interpretation of them as well as his understanding of what I have been doing to my knee lately.
He explained my options very professionally and administered a steroid shot with the assistance of the nurse who had originally talked to me. 
Within five minutes my knee felt the effects of the shot and I left the office.
Later, I realized there were a number of questions I should have asked so I called the office, was directed to the phone of the nurse I had talked to previously and left a message with the questions on her phone. One question I had was "Can I get a copy of the X-ray?"
Later that day I received a call from the nurse saying she could fax the pictures to me but my fax machine is squirrely so she opted to send them by email and I had them in minutes. She said she would relay the other questions to the PA and he would call me.
The PA called back the next work day but I was out so I called back and asked him to try again which he did. In that
call he answered all of my questions as well as some others I had come up with during the conversation.
The experience with your office was outstanding. All of your staff is friendly, efficient, and competent. I am confident that the future treatment on my knee that seems inevitable will go as well." – James O. 

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