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"I was told that Dr. Dean was or is the best hand doctor in the world. I am a medic and firefighter and have been having pain in my hands for years. It got so bad that the pain would keep me up at night and wake me up in the mornings. I had visited the local doctor in Valdez and he suggested Dr. Leslie Dean.
I tried the braces and meds to help me work on this problem. Going 
through her office I was checked in at the front desk and taken to the waiting room in the back near Dr. Dean's exam rooms. Within a few minutes I was taken back to the exam room with my better half in tow. When I met Dr. Dean I was so happy because she is a professional and when she comes in she has a standard speech that she tells you. Then she goes into the check up that asks what has occurred and why you are in her office. She will do all the tests for strength and check on your symptoms. She is precise and very professional. I have been a medic for over forty years and have seen lots of doctors work on patients and with Dr. Dean I can even smile as I know she is great. She answers all your questions. She has a great smile and you can tell she is the surgeon everyone talks about. I love the fact she is able to help me with my carpal tunnel surgery. She also has a fantastic staff that welcome you in and help you with anything. I will highly recommend Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic to anyone that need help. After surgery my pain was about half that of pain I had going into surgery. Now I do not have the pain or my hands falling to sleep. It feels great and my better half tells me I am a lot happier to be around." – George K.  

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