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"Dr Brad Sparks is my doctor, he has been the most caring, supportive and best orthopedic doctor I have ever had. He replaced my hip, and I was back up on my feet in three days walking, he also did surgery on my shoulder and its feeling great. He also did surgery on my knee and it was getting better until I had a car accident and was hit by a truck and it left me with a very bad torn ACL. I need knee replacement now and guess who will be doing it, none other than my friend and caring doctor Brad Sparks. Dr. Sparks is so cool he shows his sincere concern about me as a person and he helps me greatly with my conditions. Dr. Brad Sparks will be my orthopedic doctor as long as I'm alive if I can have it that way. Thanks, Dr. Sparks for putting me back together and keeping me on my feet I'm so great full for you. Thank you and God bless." – Leslie W. 

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