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"After seeing my general physician, having a set of X-rays on my left hand and having physical therapy on my hands for pain in my wrists and thumb joints, with no success, I saw Dr. Mentzer. He suggested that I have X-rays done on my right hand as well. It was apparent at that time that I had arthritis in a bone, at the base of my thumb on both hands, which was causing the pain and also needed a carpal tunnel release. We decided to do my dominant hand first. Surgeries and hand therapy were successful on both hands. As time goes on I realize how painful I had been and have been able to return to activities I had given up on. Overuse does bring some discomfort, but I am not constantly protecting my hands like I use to. I am thankful for Dr. Mentzer's knowledge, expertise and caring attitude toward me as his patient." – Lyndee W. 

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