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"Dr. Lapkass is the best of the best!!
From my first appointment through surgery and after surgery Dr. Lapkass and his Medical Assistant Mary Lou showed compassion and concern for my well-being. I was honored that I could get an appointment with Dr. Lapkass...it was a long wait to have the surgery (he is popular) but ever so worth it.
Dr. Lapkass explained what my injury was and after surgery he explained how he corrected the injury. I am a person who is thorough about needing to know about the surgery and what was done. I had previously seen two other orthopedic physicians and it was just in-and-out of the office with no explanation as to what they could do to help me. They did not go through the process of explaining to the patient what the problem was and how they could correct it. It is the 21st century and people want to be informed, we are not the patients of our parents generation who accepted anything the doctor did or did not say. Thank you, Dr. Lapkass in being so thorough with me, using props and exact words of what needed to be corrected.
My surgery was fast and I had immediate relief from pain, my recovery is going better than expected. When you have the best doctor you get the best results.
I need to also mention that the staff that answer the phones and schedule appoints were always courteous.
Thanks to all the staff at Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic and especially to Dr. Lapkass for his expertise and kind smile." – Carole J. 
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