Attention Blue Cross Patients

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You do NOT have to go to a preferred provider for orthopedic care in the state of Alaska!

Our doctors and physician assistants are not contracted with any insurance carrier. Most insurances offer a network deficiency. (This will remove the penalty for not seeing their preferred provider.) There is only one doctor in Alaska that is considered a "preferred provider" with Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska (BCBSAK), and they have acknowledged that one doctor cannot service all patients with Blue Cross coverage. BCBSAK will not penalize any patients for seeing another orthopedic doctor out of "network".  If you are told by a BCBSAK rep that you must see their preferred doctor, ask to speak to a supervisor who can clarify you will NOT be penalized for seeing one of our providers. (This exception does not apply to Federal Employees or BlueCard members. Requests for network exceptions with these carriers must be  made by the patient prior to the appointment.)