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Thank you for choosing Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Our Doctors

Average Rating: 4.75
"I can never say enough of the great value and expertise Dr. Lapkass and the whole darn AFOC staff offer!!! I highly recommend to anyone that needs a super skilled team to fulfill their needs of expert care to get you back on the road!! Thank You ALL for my positive experience with my new pain free hip!!" – Chris M. 
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"I had a double knee replacement early March and it's one of the best things I've ever done. Dr. Prevost did an amazing job and gave me my life back. I'm 12 weeks post op and I can truly say it wasn't that bad. I'm still doing physical therapy. I believe that helps in your recovery. Thank you Dr. Prevost and thank you to his staff. They've been a big help. Kudos to AK Regional also. Their staff was amazing!" – Liz T. 
"Dr. Mentzer is kind and and makes you feel completely at ease. He explains what the surgery will entail and what you will have to do in order to have the best results. Every one in his team made me feel that this was a group project with each having their own part in my recovery. I'm just waiting for my time to have my other thumb done." – Kristin   
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"Thank you!!! For the professionalism" – Rodney E. 
"Great doctor who takes time to talk with you and thoroughly explain everything and options for care." – William G. 
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"Dr. Pevost did my TKR on February 18. At the time I was very scared about the pain and infection. He reassured me about the infections risks, made me very aware of the blood clot risks and the necessity to move and keep moving after surgery, and along with the anesthesiologist found a workaround to a severe allergy I have to local anesthetics that allowed me to have a nerve block where I otherwise would not have been able. Because of thorough preparation and information prior to surgery, though painful as expected, I felt I came out of it knowledgeable about my part in the healing process. I really worked at doing my PT early and often, I was walking a mile a day within 3 weeks and have kept that up along with losing some weight. All of these factors combined to really accelerate my recovery and I think Dr. Prevost was very pleased with my success and willingness to put the effort in after being given all the pertinent information by him and his very professional staff all the way thru this process. I've since recommended him to several friends in need of TKR's and in fact my husband is having a hip replacement at the end of June by him. Thank you for the good service and giving me back the ability to be mobile and enjoy life again." – Karen N. 
"I had to have a total hip replacement revision. Dr. Prevost was an excellent doctor and I am so happy with the care I received from him. The previous hip replacement was failing and Dr. Prevost's expertise on the revision was very comforting. I would not like to repeat this experience but I am thankful that Dr. Prevost and his team preformed my revision." – William W.
"Dr. Peterson and his staff are excellent in all areas. Dr. Peterson explained every single step of my upcoming surgery, and on the morning after was there to check on me personally. On my follow-up visit, he was attentive and listened to all of my concerns, while explaining away my fears, etc. His staff has called to check on me (I live in a different town, and as such, am long distance from his office) which is extremely appreciated." – Sharon H. 
"Mindy D is my massage therapist and has helped me eliminate my chronic back pain and shoulder issues using massage and cupping. I am so thankful that I have someone that is able to identify and correct the problems causing the pain and fix it. Mindy is exceptional at what she does. Thank you!" – Jarrod T. 
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"Had "golfer's elbow", though I don't play golf. Old injury from working construction for 20 years of my life. Received 3 cortisone shots with just temporary relief. Decided to have Kurt Mentzer and his team to perform surgery. Here it is 2 months later, and my elbow has never felt better. Had bothered me since my mid 20's and I'm 62 years of age presently. Doctor Mentzer is the absolute best, as far as I am concerned. His support team also. Professional, caring and exemplary performance. No need to waste a worry with Doc Mentzer. Just get whatever procedure needs done and get on with your life. Thanks Kurt and Jackie!!!" – Leland B. 
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